Services We Provide

Service Coordination

Service coordination assists individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to gain access to services and supports through OPWDD which are appropriate to their needs. Our Medicaid Service Coordinator Program (MSC) is provided by qualified service coordinators who use a person-centered planning process in developing, implementing, and maintaining an Individualized Service Plan.


Day Habilitation

Program Without Wall

Program Without Walls (PWW) program offers adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to pursue personal goals and interests and fulfill lifelong dreams. With the support of a professional and well trained staff, individuals participate in planning their daily, weekly and monthly schedules as well as developing their own personal valued outcomes. Both site and community opportunities are available. While the process for attaining community volunteer opportunities is ongoing, each day ABLE COMMUNITY SERVICES has secured several well established assessment sites to further increase personal independence.

Site Based Day Habilitation

Site Based Day Habilitation is provided to build and support meaningful community and leisure time activities, as well as teach a variety of new skills. Activity and skill development is provided to stimulate mental, emotional, and social growth based on the individual’s interests, desires, and abilities. Most individuals spend part of their day in a non-work environment. During this time they are involved in planned therapeutic services, community activities, and continuing education. Services, activities, and skill development might include personal grooming, housekeeping, food preparation, communication growth, social integration, money handling, behavior management, recreation opportunities, mobility skills, and basic work skills.

What is learned in the work area, in classes, and in therapies is further enhanced by community life and by exposure to the world. Outings, theatrical productions, poetry, music and community celebrations enhance the life of everyone. Common activities include walking, shopping, sports, and picnics. Weekly outings are offered to museums, scenic and historic sites, craft fairs, concerts, plays or movies.


Prevocational Services

Prevocational services address the individual’s vocational interests; they assist individuals to join “the world of work.” The individual may or may not perform work for which he/she is paid for while receiving prevocational services. Prevocational services include support and training related to the ability to obtain and retain employment, excluding training on job tasks per se.


Supported Employment (SEMP)

Supported employment services are designed to allow individuals to develop work related skills. Unlike prevocational services, supported employment is designed to allow flexibility in development of the individual employment outcomes and affords the individual with significant barriers the opportunity to work in the community. Time and duration of staff support are flexible. The goal of the program is to assist in identifying and securing customized work opportunities for each person that match his/her skill set, interests, dreams and desires. All of our adults receive hands-on experiences and guidance when accessing community resources and developing job skills at community volunteer sites. These experiences are guided and focused and result in enriched engagement and learning.