Employment Services

ABLE Community Services is a not-for-profit agency which is part of the family of programs operated by the School for Language and Communication Development. We are dedicated to meeting the vocational needs of adults with developmental disabilities who are eligible to receive services through the offices of OPWDD and ACCES-VR. For many parents and guardians of children with disabilities, planning for the future cannot begin soon enough. The transition to adulthood can be challenging and frustrating for families. The educational entitlement that everyone is used to is no longer available after age 21 and many parents automatically assume that employment will fill part of the hours that used to be occupied by school activities. ABLE Community Services supports eligible families with the transition to day habilitation programs and employment.

Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD)

Pathways to Employment is a 12 month person-centered employment planning and support service. This service offers an individualized planning process that helps individuals identify a career or vocational direction. Pathways leads to integrated employment at or above the New York State minimum wage.


The purpose of the Employment Training Program (ETP) is to offer an opportunity for persons with developmental disabilities to gain work experience through an on-the-job, paid internship. ETP interns learn new skills and attend seminars preparing them for competitive employment. Provided that the intern is successful, there will be a reasonable expectation for continued employment at the business where the internship is established.


  • Interns work with a job developer to gain an individualized internship or an immediate job in their community.
  • Interns learn real work skills including job specific tasks, technology, employment standards and work culture.
  • Interns build relationships with supervisors, coworkers and customers in their community.
  • Interns work with a job coach to learn work skills and perform at employers’ standards in order to have a better chance of being hired by the employer.
  • During the training, interns are paid at least minimum wage by NY State and are covered with Workers’ Compensation and General Liability insurance.
  • Interns attend monthly training classes.

Continuing Education Services Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR)

Funded through the New York State Education Department, ACCES-VR, ABLE delivers comprehensive vocational assessments, job development and intensive job coaching to individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and/or Behavioral Health Disorders.

We provide the following services for students leaving secondary education and for adults who are motivated and ready to work in an integrated employment setting:

  • Entry Service: Orientation
  • Standardized Testing
  • Specialized Evaluations
  • Supportive Employment Intake & Assessment
  • Job Development
  • Coaching Supports
  • Job Placement/Retention